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About the
Kangyur Rinpoche Foundation


Kangyur Rinpoche


The Kangyur Rinpoche Foundation, along with its counterparts, upholds the same altruistic principles that have always characterized the activities of Kyabje Kangyur Rinpoche and his family.


The mission of the Kangyur Rinpoche Foundation is:

  • Transmitting Buddhist teachings and Buddhist culture through seminaries, conferences and regular retreats with authentic Buddhist teachers.

  • Promoting the construction of retreat centers suitable to Buddhist practice and teachings. 

  • Supporting the translating and publishing activities of essential works of the classical and modern Buddhist literature

  • Supporting humanitarian and environmental associations in order to create a positive impact to the future generations (either human or animal)

  • Preserving of the cultural and spiritual heritage of Tibet, with the purpose of introducing the current generation to invaluable traditions.

  • Constructing primary and secondary schools, nursing homes, medical clinics, universities and research centers, monastic institutes and retreat centers, in order to help those who show interest in this millenary culture.

  • Restorating, preservating and translating  ancient Tibetan texts with significant historic, scientific, and spiritual value; constructing a library in order to harbour the collection of rare manuscripts collected by Kyabje Kangyur Rinpoche.

  • Conserving and restoring works of art; rehabilitating and requalifying scholarly buildings and sacred Buddhist monuments; constructing stupas as means to promote universal peace.

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