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Financial donations are essential to carrying out the work of the Kangyur Rinpoche Foundation.  This includes the promotion of Buddhist philosophy and offering authentic teachings in Portugal as well as engaged in compassionate activities supporting communities in need both directly, as well as indirectly through partnerships with other institutions.


By establishing a recurring, automatic transfer you allow KRF to have a reliable, on-going source of support that is invaluable in planning and carrying out our diverse activities.


One-time donations of any amount , no matter how small, are also very helpful to KRF activities. Please consider becoming a Friend of KRF with your financial support.


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The activities of the Kangyur Rinpoche Foundation include the promotion and the dissemination of Buddhism in Portugal through retreats, teachings and other events with authentic masters, as well as regular activities of meditation, study and prayer.

The construction of the temple building at the Monchique Retreat Center will provide an ideal space (or an uplifted and conducive space) to hold retreat programs and where great lineage masters can teach and preside over various public ceremonies (such as transmissions, initiations, Drupchen, Drubchös) 

This fund will enable those experiencing financial hardship to participate in KRF events and teachings.

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